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One family. Three world-class machine tool brands

Pneuform is proud to be part of the Unison family of machine tool companies.  Unison Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of tube and pipe bending machines. We invented ultra-precise, all-electric tube manipulation in the 1990s. Until then, the world had relied on the slow-to-setup, hydraulic machines of the day, where accuracy and repeatability were often affected by oil temperature and operator skill.


Today we build the world’s largest range of powerful, ultra-precise, all-electric models for diameters ranging from 4 mm to 275 mm, including single-stack, multi-stack, twinhead, left & right and pinball machines. We export to more than 20 countries and to sectors as wide-ranging as motorsport, marine, oil & gas, aerospace, general manufacturing, subcontracting, architecture and energy, including SMR.


For organisations that carry out repetitive tube bending tasks, we offer a range of advanced, electrically controlled, hydraulically operated dual-stack machines. Our recent acquisition of Pneuform Machines Ltd has brought high-quality wire and small-diameter tube bending machines to our customers. While through Nukon Lasers UK, we offer Nukon’s advanced, highly accessible, European fibre laser cutting machines to customers in the UK and Ireland.


Our Unibend CNC software is widely viewed as the most user-friendly control system for tube and pipe manipulation. While our Opt2Sim tube bending simulation software and tube bending app simplify the most complex of tube bending tasks.


Include our extensive tooling designs and 4- and 5-axis machining capability, and you can count on Unison to be your true partner for even the most challenging of applications. Add considerable consumable tooling stock holdings of mandrels and wipers in the UK and US  – supported by prompt global delivery  – and it’s easy to see why customers around the world put their trust in Unison.


One family. Three world-class brands. All supported by the highest levels of service, support and software. That’s Unison.

TJP Electronics Ltd. is established.
68000 control system is developed.
1982 – 1987
Control systems developed for Addison, Langbow and others.
TJP’s first 3” hydraulic bender is launched.
Brite Euram feasibility study conducted into automatic setup tube bending.
SMART award to develop three all–electric tube bending machines.
Tube washing technologies developed.
World’s first all–electric 3–axis tube bender is delivered – and the Breeze range is born.
Twin–head tube benders launched for symmetrical, simultaneous bending.
Robotised benders launched.
World’s first all–electric 5–stack tube bender is launched.
World’s first all–electric 76 mm multi–stack machine is launched.
World’s first all–electric 115 mm multi–stack machine is launched.
Laser springback correction system developed.
ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations secured. World’s first all–electric 150 mm multi–stack machine is launched.
World’s first 180 mm all–electric multi–stack machine launched. We change our name to Unison Ltd.
Scarborough Engineering Week is launched. Unison ‘technical tours’ begin.
Unison tube bending iPhone app is developed.
Unison Software Division opens. Opt2Sim tube bending simulation software is launched.
Unison celebrates 40 years and moves to new 25,000 ft2 premises.
Unison wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. Dedicated design o ce opens in Manchester. Unison Tube LLC is established in Asheville, North Carolina.
First students attend Unison–sponsored Scarborough UTC.
Unison begins manufacture of dedicated bend tooling.
Unison tube coilers, end forming machines and EvBend 2000 launched. Scarborough UTC o cially opened by Rt. Hon. Justine Greening.
Unison Tube LLC moves to new facility in Danville, Virginia
Unison launches enhanced service programme to assist customers during COVID–19 pandemic.
Unibend software upgrade brings performance improvements of up to 25%. Unison ‘Synergy’ hybrid tube bending machines are launched. Machine tool range expanded to include Nukon fibre laser machines.
Nukon Lasers UK established as official fibre laser distributor for UK and Ireland.
Unison celebrates 50 years of intelligent tube technology. Pneuform joins the Unison family.
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