NKT-125 - Pneuform


Exceptionally versatile, the NKT-125 has been developed for the precise laser cutting of materials across sectors including agricultural machinery, yellow goods, automotive and furniture making. Able to handle tube and pipe of Ø180mm, and profiles & sections of up to 125 mm x 125 mm, the NKT-125 can be specified with automatic loading and unloading and is available in a choice of power options.

Professional pipe and profile cutting machine with a wide range of functional options.

  • Highly versatile professional pipe and profile cutting machine
  • Designed for pipe, square profile, rectangular profile and oval profile cutting
  • Choose from 1kW, 2kW and 3kW power options
  • Optional automated loading system for bale profiles and pipe bundles
  • Optional automated unloading system
  • Maximum cross section cut capability: 125 mm x 125 mm for profiles, Ø180 mm for pipes
  • Maximum profile or pipe length: 6500 mm


The automated feeding chuck holds materials of between Ø15-Ø180 mm. Jaw clamping benefits from pneumatic drive with adjustable pressure. The profile rotation axis and profile driving axis are servo-motor controlled.


The front chuck holds materials of between Ø15 and Ø180mm and benefits from four manually adjusted, supported roller jaws.


Compatible with parts of 3000 mm – 6300 mm, settings are easily inputted manually according to the cross-sectional dimensions of pipes and profiles.

Optional - SUPPORTS

Ensure secure positioning and zero oscillation of materials during the cutting process according to the cross-section and length of pipes and profiles being cut.


Choose from 4000 mm or 6000 mm maximum component length, with easy manual input of settings according to the cross-sectional dimensions of pipes and profiles.

 Machine Model NK-T125
 Type Pipe and Profile
Cutting Machine
 Resonator 1 kW 2 kW 3 kW
Cutting Capacity
 Mild Steel
5mm/.19″ 8mm/.32″ 10mm/.39″
 Stainless Steel 3mm/.11″ 6mm/.23″ 8mm/.32″
 Aluminum 2mm/.07″ 5mm/.19″ 8mm/.32″
 Brass 1,5mm/.06″ 3mm/.11″ 5mm/.19″
 Cooper 1,5mm/.06″ 3mm/.11″ 5mm/.19″
 Max. Outer Circle
Ø 180mm/7.08” – (Ø226mm/8.89”)*
 Max. Pipe Diameter Ø 180mm/7.08” – (Ø226mm/8.89”)*
 Max. Square Dimension
□125mm (FOR Ø180mm)
□160mm (FOR Ø226mm)*
 Max. Rectangular Dimension
150mm x 100mm (FOR Ø180mm)
200mm x 100mm (FOR Ø226mm)*
 Profile Cutting
 U, L
I*, H* (with Bevel option)
 Feed Length 6500mm/21.32 ft
 Max. Loading Weight 30 kg/m
 Remnant 185mm/7.28”
-Automatic Centering
– Weld Seam Detection
– Bevel Cutting
– Unloading Belt Conveyor
– Waste Parts Conveyor
 Control Panel 21″ Multi-Touch Screen
 Machine Weight 23000 kg / 50706 lbs

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