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With a pedigree that stretches back more than 50 years – and as part of the UK’s leading manufacturer of all-electric tube and pipe bending machines – we know better than most about efficient, highly reliable process, automation and systems design.


From robotised work cells to fully automated production lines, we help customers meet their production and manufacturing challenges through leaner, faster turnkey solutions that embrace the latest future-proofed control technologies.


Our design services involve conceptualising, advising, evaluating, designing then manufacturing tailored solutions to advance or create entire production processes.


Step 1

We interrogate need and develop a basic concept involving partial or full automation.


Step 2

With the concept approved, we commence a fully detailed design for preliminary, critical and final review.


Step 3

With the fully costed final design review approved, we manage the manufacture, delivery and integration of the system on site.


Step 4

We commission the system, ensuring it performs as intended and we remain on hand for aftersales support.


Automated tube bending work cells


As part of the Unison Group, we are the people to design and build your fully automated tube manipulation production cells.


Based around Unison Ltd’s infinitely controllable, world-leading all-electric tube bending machines, we build robotised production lines, tailored to your manufacturing strategies – all with performance, efficiency and reliability front of mind.


Established in 1973, Unison Ltd offers a range of more than 30 advanced, all-electric tube bending machines for tube diameters from 4 mm (5/32”) to 275 mm (10” schedule pipe).


Each model features rapid setup, fast tool changes, exceptional power, rigid mechanical design, and all-electric control for right-first-time repeat sub-contract work, or immediately after producing a single trial part.

Discover the full range of Unison all-electric tube bending machines.

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