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Pneuform wire bending machines

Pneuform wire and small-diameter tube and bar bending machines are the leading choice in many sectors.

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Wire and small-diameter tube & bar bending machines

Pneuform has been a leading name in the manufacture of wire forming and small-diameter tube bending machines for more than 50 years.

We were the first company to produce CNC programmable, 2-axis tube and wire bending machines – bringing them to market in the late 1970s.

We then went on to develop the world’s first 3-axis wire bending machines in the 1980s and, since then, have stayed at the forefront of wire and small-diameter tube bending technologies.

Today, Pneuform is part of the Unison family – which also includes Unison Ltd, the inventors of all-electric tube manipulation, and fibre laser cutting machines specialist, Nukon Lasers UK.

Exciting new wire and small-bore tube bending machines are in the pipeline, supported by Unison’s advanced user-friendly control systems and simulation software, and backed by its legendary service and support team.

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Pneuform Wire Applications


– Fencing
– Trellis vine plant supports for intensive farming
– Spring tines and wire products for farm machinery

Pneuform Wire Applications


– Hangers & clips for suspended ceilings and building systems
– Polytunnel clamps and connecting components
– Cable management equipment
– Rebar and reinforcing components and brick ties

Pneuform Wire Applications

Retail and shop fittings

– Hangers
– Hooks
– Brackets and rails for point-of-sale equipment
– Mesh baskets and shopping trolleys

Pneuform Wire Applications

Medical devices

– Surgical tools and orthodontic wires
– Bent wire products for IV drip stands and hospital beds
– Specialist mobility equipment

Pneuform Wire Applications

Household goods and furniture

– Tools
– Clothes hangers
– Kitchen utensils
– Pan hooks and decorative items
– Oven and dishwasher racks
– Lighting and furniture components

Pneuform Wire Applications


– Vehicle headrests
– Seat frames and lumbar supports
– Door strikers
– ISO fixings
– Exhaust hangers
– Trim wires

Pneuform Wire Applications


Busbars in:
– Copper
– Aluminium plain
– Plastic-coated wire
– Links, contacts and enamelled wire components for motor armatures, such as hairpin windings

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