In the mid 1960’s when Pneuform was founded, we concentrated our efforts on the design, development and manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic tube and wire bending machines. In the mid 1970’s under pressure from a manufacturer of beverage cooling machines, the first machines taking wire and tube from bulk coil was put into production in the UK. It produced copper condenser coils in stainless steel tube. By 1979 the very first CNC programmable wire-bending machine taking from bulk coils had been produced by Pneuform. In 1987 Pneuform brought out the first 3 dimensional machine, which used only 3 axis to produce the majority of shapes. Pneuform has created another world first, the “PB Solar” making large serpentines with a table that follows the part as it is being created.  This machine has been designed for customers making large heat exchangers.  Making these parts from a bulk coil is a huge benefit. The cost saving paying for the machine very quickly! With demand on cleaner, greener energy this is a machine that will help produce a warmer future for our customers and our customer’s customers. For more information on the PB Solar, please contact [email protected]      2-plane roller straightener
Since then the PB600 tube machine has become an industry standard with manufacturers of beer coolers, soft drink dispensers, refrigerators, air conditioners and many small bore automotive parts. Our wire bending machines are used by companies around the world.Pneuform is now based in Capel (UK), but with our well developed network of agents, modem and engineer support with forty years of experience, we compete on a global market.