1. With a power feed unit, our machines draw the wire or tube coil through a 2-plane roller straightener and feed it to the bend head. To enable rapid changeover times a multi-straightener table can be added.
  2. In the case of the 2-axis machines the bend head is usually situated in the centre of a horizontal table. This table is to support such components as serpentines and condenser tube stacks of a 2 dimensional form. With the 3-axis machines the straightened tube is fed to a bending head which can revolve entirely around the tube. This allows the production of most 3-dimensional components.
  3. Bending is by means of rollers rather than pins. This gives maximum support to the tube during bending and with Pneuform's specialist knowledge, flattening or rippling can be virtually eliminated.
  4. Cut-off is a programmed function and is achieved by a rapid, burr-free roll cutting device incorporated within the machine.

2-plane roller straightener
Having established an acceptable minimum inside bend radius, the same tooling can produce an infinite variety of larger bend radii by "generating". This is achieved by the considerable power of the feed unit and the positioning of the bend roller to create the deflection required.

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