Coil Holder: or payoff, is available in either horizontal ("right") or vertical form (far "right"). This powered holder is totally regulated by the demand made by the machine. This is essential as large components will be required to utilise the variable running speed of the PB600. The coil holder has a 1 ton capacity.

Coil Holder
End forming: can be achieved by a separate interfaced free standing machine.
Butt welder: This can be fitted in production or retrofitted to our standard machines and used in the production of frames and rings. Again the process is fully automated and is controlled by the bending machine.

Modem and Modem support: Should any problem occur, this allows Pneuform to interrogate the customers programs and software. Where necessary, values can be changed to assist customers who might have problems in programming a part. The Modem also cuts down the diagnostic time should problems of any kind occur with the machine.

Support Panels: Where tube parts over hang the bend head, simple support panels can be incorporated.

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