Clemark designs, builds and supports System Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) packages, the principle components of which are shown in this schematic . . .

Software for the PCs operates within Windows 3.1, 95 or 98, with an intuitive interface for both operators and for the retrieval of management information.

The custom built and programmed plant control processor drives the plant and receives signals from it through the control panel. Input is also provided by the operator through his/her PC which may contain a database of products for which the plant is used, together with their processing requirements. All events, processing characteristics and production data are logged, and made available at the PC providing management information.

A number of plant manufacturers hold Clemark in high regard . . . so much so that Clemark SCADA packages are frequently included in plant manufacturers' proposals for the installation of their equipment. Clemark's comprehensive telephone support is particularly appreciated. Direct connection to customer site systems from Clemark offices through telephone line and modems enables Clemark staff to diagnose problems directly.